The graphical version of the cv4pve suite.


The graphical version of the cv4pve suite.



One Click Utility Container

All of us in our house have a toolbox with objects inside that we can use ifnecessary, andwhy?
Simple, for example when you have the idea of ​​putting a nail on a wooden board, the first thought is to go into the object holder, take the hammer and use it to plant the nail, thus avoiding using the palm of your hand and risking on your health! Also because in our opinion … nobody would try to do it with his hand!

It is for this reason that the ToolBox idea was born, that is, a container of functionality to safeguard, manage and monitor the health of your hypervisor or cluster of hypervisors.



Discover all its advantages.

External Web Portal of Analysis Proxmox VE

The tools to add functionality to Proxmox VE have been developed and designed to be run at the command line (shell) but, putting themselves in the shoes of users who are not comfortable with this mode or who simply find more practical, fast and safe work through a portal with graphics, in order to avoid errors, Corsinvesthas developed a web application with all the cv4pve-toolswithin a click.



Discover the software included in the suite.

Simplify management, check health and improve the user experience of your infrastructure thanks to Proxmox Monitoring Tools



External Integrations

There are sections where you can directly access the metrics or various backup software if you have one. We invite users to evaluate these additions to facilitate and better control the hypervisor.

Diagnostics and Reports

ToolBox provides a real interactive doctor, with dashboards to analyze your infrastructure in depth: storage, node, virtual machine, configurations, critical issues and much more. Everything will be completed later with a dedicated report.


Notification Channels

If you need to be always informed when an error occurs, you have 5 possibilities: Email, Telegram, Slack, Microsoft Teams and Web Hook.


Analysis Dashboard

Get the information strictly necessary to get an idea of ​​how your infrastructure is working: node, container, storage, virtual machine, cluster.

VzDump Trend

Keep track of scheduled backups, job logs and errors. Using graphs you can see the trend of size, speed and duration.


Analyze and configure automatic snapshots on your infrastructure now. Consult the historian at your convenience and need.

Technical support

Portal supportand direct remote support are provided. The annual tickets that can be opened are unlimited.

One Click Mode

Thanks to the intuitive interface of ToolBox it is possible to manage, monitor and execute commands with a simple click.

Backup e Storage Usage

Structured information for storage and historical backup management.



By accessing the dedicated section you can, in interactive mode, see the portal access for free and learn for free how to use all the tools through a web interface with a simple click.


Turn up the volume


The software included in the portal are listed in the cv4pve-tools suite.
ToolBox is released with Corsinvest ToolBox license and requires the active cv4pve-tools enterprise subscription to:

Software Installation


Dedicated Support





In short the subscription
A cv4pve tools subscription is a service offered to help IT professionals and businesses keep their software up to date and provide access to professional support.

The subscription model is based on the number of physical servers.
In a cluster, each host requires a valid subscription. All nodes must have the same subscription level.
The subscription period is one year (12 months) from the date of purchase. All prices are exclusive of VAT, if applicable.
Technical assistance for the subscription is provided through Corsinvest’s web-based customer portal at and via e-mail (in English or Italian)

What does the subscription include
• Diagnosis and correction of specified errors / malfunctions
• Reporting of errors and malfunctions of the cv4pve-tools software

Technical support only covers the latest updated stable version.

Not included: modified, third-party software, community projects on which our versions are based, code development unless authorized by the Corsinvest development team, systems and networks design, security rules design, backup / restore strategies , data recovery and high availability design, system assistance in general.

Technology previews are not supported in production environments.

Purchase and activation of a subscription
The easiest way to order a cv4pve-tools subscription is through the Corsinvest online site at or through an authorized Corsinvest dealer. After confirming the purchase, you will receive a welcome email with the activation key for your subscription. Each subscription key is associated with a “Server ID”.
How many subscriptions do I need?
Each Proxmox VE server requires a subscription. Each subscription key is associated with a “Server ID”.
Subscriptions for a Proxmox VE cluster
In a Proxmox VE cluster all nodes must have the same subscription level.

Consider having a three-node cluster. You want to get a “basic subscription” for your cluster. This means that you need to purchase three “basic subscriptions”.

How many support tickets do I get in total if I purchase two or more passes?
With each subscription purchased you will get a certain number of support tickets included. For example: if you run two physical servers with Proxmox VE and order two basic subscriptions (each with 6 support tickets included), you have a total of 12 support tickets, 6 for each physical server.)
Support hours
The corporate support team is available on Italian working days from 8:30 to 18:00 (UTC + 1)
How can I get software updates?
Information on the new update is sent by e-mail to the specified address.
Subscription level upgrade
You can easily switch from one subscription level to a higher one during the subscription period. Only the difference between the two subscription prices will be charged. In case you want to upgrade, contact your dealer.
Subscription level downgrade
It is not possible to switch from a higher level to a lower level of subscription during the validity period. But you can choose the new level at the end of the validity period or buy a new subscription. Please contact the dealer.
Server change: move the subscription key to a new server
If you want to move the subscription key to a new server, for example because the hardware has been replaced, you can request a reissue of the subscription key. This can be done 3 times a year at no additional cost through a request to support ( or through the dealer.
Why should I pay if it is open source software?
The code is released under an open license, which means that you have the freedom to use the source code of the software. Therefore, you do not pay the source code (or the license) of the software but you pay for the subscription support service.
The cv4pve-tools subscription service adds real commercial value to your open source environment by providing access to a vast infrastructure of services.